Monday, August 10, 2009

Hallo duE!:D

Hello everybody that have the power to check out my blog:D Thumbs up for you!
I know this is not the most interesting blog to read at the time, but this is just the beginning of something bigger and far more interesting!
If you just hang in there I will have lots of subjects and adventures to write about, so that you later can read about it of course!

My idea with this post was basicly to explain what I'm trying to do with my blog, what I will write about and what my idea was.
As you hopefully know by now this blog is about me, myself and I. But lets not forget the people around me, the people I meet every day, the people I call friends. This is the people that you're going to read about as well. Cause it's the people around me that make my life interesting.

And you're going to read about snowboarding, skateboarding and other things with board in it.
Because a big part of my life is the lifestyle of a snowboarder, I shred/ride/tumble on my board all winter, from the first snowfall untill spring when the snow melts, then I start to ride a board with wheels, also called skateboard. So don't be surprised if a snowboard movie or a skateboard picture appears on my blog, cause that's just a sign that I have been having loads of fun and that I want to share my fun with you(everyone that reads my blog)
I hope everything is totally clear, and that you will check out my blog every now and then.

peace with everyone, and don't be afraid to comment!!

Ohh! I almost forgot.. I promised to say HI from Johanna BAAckckc!
so.. HI!:D // johanna xD



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