Thursday, August 13, 2009

hate rain!

Okej, this is the situation... I AM BORED!
Second day in a row that it has been raining.. not fun at all. If it dosen't turn to sun soon, I will probably be bored to death:D haha

I want to skate and sleep in the sun, not sitt inside and sleep on the living room floor..

But out of the bad it always come something good. I found a snowboard edit with me and a dear friend. It was hidden deep in the system of my computer. I changed it up a bit and switched song. Now i think it's worth sharing with you:):)

Peace with all of you, and enjoy my small little edit from last season!

5 minutes later the lord answers my prayers, and the sun apears!:D


ofcourse I start to jump up and down like crazY!:D


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