Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Once up on a time there was a group of friends. They were living life as everyone should, enjoying every minute of it. The story I'm about to tell you is about this group of friends, and this extraordinary day.

The story beggins a sunny afternoon in August when the the group of friends decided to take their skateboards and try them out. They were very excited, and were having lots of fun with their boards. If I didn't tell you that the sun was shining before, then I do now, cause the weather were definatly on the boys side. They couldn't be happier, they were getting the tricks they wanted, and everything was just great, just like in one of those fairye tales.

And just like in those fairy tales the fun had to end somewhere. They were getting tired and the sun was about to set, so they went home and were about to live happily ever after!

But this is not the end for the group of boys cause they have the priviledge to continue the fun the next day, the day after that and every other day!

What is so special about these boys then? I think that It's basicly that they have this much fun with the small things in life! That a piece of wood and four wheels can be this fun if you want it to be!

Pretty heavy right?:D

anyway, peace with all of you and check out the picture bellow, will share more footage in the next post! stay tuned!:D

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